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Marriage Ministry

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Mission Statement:

To study, walk, talk, live God's word through faithful devotion, fellowship and worship. Our mission is to strive to nurture the marriage ministry to teach the word of God to couples to strengthen Christian marriages and provide tools, knowledge, and information for joint spiritual growth and continuous relation improvement while keeping Jesus Christ number one in our lives.

Giving the glory to God and our Savior Jesus Christ, the Parker Memorial Marriage Ministry was started by Pastor Melvin Chatman in 2009. With the primary objective to help and assist married couples navigate through the trouble waters of the secular world. Pastor Chatman recognized the need for Christian teaching in marriage. Christian couples did not have any place to go to get continuous guidance to deal with problems and issues that face them in life. The marriage ministry offers a place for Christian couples to study God's word and provide guidance and spiritual reference for growth. The marriage ministry provides a unique setting that encourages participation, sharing of personal experiences and knowledge with each other. No matter the length of your marriage, whether it is one year or fifty, there is always something new to learn about how to improve and/or enhance your marriage. Whether you are dating or married for years, you are welcome to join us and grow in the word of the Lord. The marriage ministry meets every Sunday morning from 9:30 - 10:30. You are always welcome in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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The marriage ministry sponsors monthly outings to fellowship outside of the church environment. This allows for couples and families to enjoy different venues, such as bowling, fun parks, cookouts, restaurant visits, tours and more. The marriage ministry also sponsors movie night for the church family. We enjoy a movie with a Christian message and provide popcorn and other refreshments on a scheduled basis. These functions allow us to learn, grow, worship, and fellowship as Christians all while giving God all of the glory and the honor. You are personnally invited to join us in these scheduled activities.

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